Confetti Bettie – launched in early 2016, this is a blog made for crafters, creatives, handmade business owners, DIY’ers, Dollhouse miniature enthusiasts + the retro-loving gal! Here you’ll find DIY + fashion inspiration, handmade business advice and insight, home decor inspiration, sewing tips + tutorials… plus lots more fun topics I can’t wait to share with you!

I started a blog because I wanted to share a collective of things I have learnt, discovered & created. Unlike vintage lace + buttons, knowledge should be shared – not hoarded! Plus, it’s fun to share 🙂 Sewing is a dying art amongst today’s hip swingin’ gal – in an effort to preserve [the very eco-friendly] ‘make do + mend’ mentality, [and not throw-away fashion], I’m going to show you some tricks of the trade. As well as a variety of fun stuff to make + do. Plus updates on new projects and ventures, on which you can follow along with me! …It’s not all strictly sewing + fashion related though – this blog will largely follow along with my miniatures obsession, the odd recipe here and there, and other random tutorials! Basically it’s a collection of fun, interesting (I hope!) bits + pieces about the things I love to make + do!

Hello friends. Welcome! My name is Kate Windsor and I’m a professional seamstress. I’ve been sewing for 15+ years, 7 being professionally trained with a full clothing production + fashion design diploma [WA institute of fashion + design]. I’ve worked in factories, costumeries… + now in my own home studio /atelier. I also LOVE making and selling Dollhouse miniatures! I love to read Tarot cards, angel/oracle cards, collect crystals & do readings for myself & others. I love gardening + everything crafty!

Here you’ll find an array of what I enjoy – sewing, collecting vintage sewing notions & homewares, alternating between tea + coffee obsessions & making miniatures. You can also find me under my alias’ Bettie Kawaii + Bettie Dreadful + Bettie Miniatures on Etsy. Pop over to my Facebook business pages + say hello! I would love to hear about what you want me to write about next.

Grab yourself a cup of tea, some warm socks,and make yourself at home. You are always welcome here! 🙂



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