Western Australian Dollhouse & Miniatures Fair 2016

mini fair

The Western Australian Dollhouse & Miniatures Fair 2016 – held at Cannington Exhibition Centre in August. It is indoors in a large hall type building. It ran for the whole weekend Saturday & Sunday, 10am – 4pm. I decided to go because… well, it was the miniature fair! I happened upon it for the first time last year, driving past (I live about 10 mins away). What a fluke! I immediately made the stop and went in, discovering I had 25 minutes until closing time. I hurriedly went by all the tables, like a magpie, picking up the last little treasures I could find! …This year of course I made sure I was quite on time!

A table with the pieces people have made on show.

This only happens once a year and is the only miniature fair that I know of in W.A. I also attended because I wanted to scope out how busy it got, how many people came and what type of people, what were people buying and for what are they making? I also make miniatures and sell them on my Etsy shop. So of course I would jump at the chance to sell my tiny items in person. Although I am slightly disappointed that there was only a few 100% handmade miniature tables there… so I am not sure how my items and prices would fare. I can remember one sold suitcases, handbags and umbrellas, and the other was jarrah furniture of a few different scales. But as I keep telling myself, it is the only fair locally – so I may as well do it, whether I sell anything or not. The experience of showing my miniature pieces to fellow miniaturists and talking with them would be enough for me!


Plus I am pleased to announce I am now a member of the West Australian Miniature Association. The membership is quite cheap and you get a list of club meet-ups, help to start your own club meet & makes, all the up-to-date news and happenings in the miniature scene locally & I’m sure a great way to meet a new friend or two as well. Clubs usually are made of people in the same suburb/areas and they can meet from once a week to once a month. I guess they pick a project and make it while having a cuppa or maybe just get on with their own projects while having a chat? I don’t know yet because I have been too chicken to call up one in my area! They are probably full anyway as they are at someone’s house usually. Maybe I could start my own evening club meet ups? Shout out to anyone in the St James/Vic Park/Cannington area!!? There is even going to be a miniature retreat workshop weekend in Dwellingup. How great is that? Of course it’s not in the budget this year, but maybe next year I can lock it in, or maybe even run a workshop myself? …But let’s not get ahead of ourselves! 😛

I wish I brought the good camera! One of my favourite pieces. A roombox made in a suitcase! The tag on the handle was even addressed to Sherlock himself.

I will also apologise as I know my photos don’t show much detail or seller’s wares, I have to admit taking photos came secondary to all my excitement in looking at/buying all the tiny fabulous things.


As I first walked in there was a raffle table to win some amazing roomboxes, but I chose to get some lucky dips instead. I am not sure where the funds went to but I am sure it was a worthy cause. Miniature fairs often have charity tables with the sellers and participants offering up some of their handmade pieces. What a kind bunch of people!


Speaking of kind, I must mention this one woman who stopped me, as she was sitting down having a cuppa. She looked up at me and said “Excuse me” ..she then took my hand and began saying how nice I looked, and thanked me for making such an effort to look nice at the fair today! Haha! Me?! Can you believe it?? Well I just almost laughed, but I suppose it was a new dress, and I suppose I did actually put make up on that day. Very out of character for me. I thanked her and told her how kind she was. Now that I think of it, it did make me quite cheerful for the rest of the day, in fact, and gave me a little pep in my step. But that was only until I was in Ikea with my best friend that afternoon, and caught a view of myself at a 45 degree angle. Yikes. But I digress!


There was plenty of furniture, dolls of various sizes, doll’s clothing and shoes, handbags and suitcases, poly clay food and cake, pots, pans, fencing, grass, trees and moss, home wares, lighting, miniature frames, woven baskets, sewing and craft supplies… plus much more! What I would have loved to see is some un-furnished dollhouses for sale. And more handmade pieces for sale as well, like the European miniature fairs do. But it is much bigger over there than it is here I must say! Most of my orders in my online shop end up going to Germany, USA, UK & France! One day I’m sure I will go to the big fairs, either as buyer (or seller!).


As you can see there was also a small display of vintage prams. How cool! I hope I can join a local club soon and perhaps learn some new skills, as well as share things that I do too. I also want to say that one of my favourite magazines, The Dolls’House Magazine, contacted me a couple months ago for a submission of one of my items to go on the shopping pages. It will possibly be in the November Issue. I can’t wait to see it in print. Fingers crossed! I am super stoked!!!



Well I hope you liked seeing what the fair was like this year, it was a lot of fun. Hopefully next year you will be seeing photos of my fair table as well! 😀 Later on, I might do a quick post on all the treasures I bought at the fair this year too.

Happy miniaturing xx 🙂


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