Tutorial: How to sew a coin purse.


What you’ll need:
-Fabric & lining (size of your choice, 12cm x 15cm x 4 pieces)
-Sewing machine
-Lace/pom pom/ trim, enough to go around 3 of the edges of your purse
-Zip (size to match size of purse)










Here is a picture of the basic layout of the coin purse.
The outer (lamb) fabric with the trim for the front side, the zip, the 2 linings (1 for each side) and the outer (gingham) back piece.

So let’s assume we’ve cut it to size, a general size would be approx. 12cm x 15cm. But you can make it as big or small as you like! Don’t forget to add 1cm seam allowance all the way around every piece.

1.First you will want to place your trim along your 1cm seam allowance line, on the purse fabric (outer front piece). Make sure to have the decorative area of the trim (in this case – the pom poms) facing the inside of the coin purse, to your left. If you face it the other way, to the outside, to the right, the trim will be on the inside – inside the actual purse – which we do not want! We are going to place the trim on 3 sides of the coin purse, starting with the right side of the coin purse (not the top).

With the right side of the fabric facing upwards – Stitch as close as you can to the left of the trim (matching up with the 1cm seam allowance line). As you can see I have actually sewn on the center of the trim – because I like a bit of the tape showing for extra colour. If you are using lace, you probably won’t want any of the trim tape/binding showing – so you would stitch so far to the left of the tape,  almost on the lace itself.


2. When you get to the first bottom corner, stop 1cm away from the edge, put the needle down and put the foot up. Pivot your fabric and trim on a 90 degree angle – so you can continue to sew along the next edge, and do the same with the last corner. Sew your lace/trim/pom pom all the way around the piece – until you have your 3 sides done – sides and bottom. Do not put any lace or trim on the top width of your purse fabric. This is where the zip goes.











3. Place your zip on the top edge of your coin purse (front). Put right side of zip onto the right side of the coin purse. You will sew a straight line down the centre of the zip tape. Alternatively you can sew closer to the zip teeth if you want to see less of the zipper. You may need to switch your machine foot to a zipper foot, because I didn’t sew too close to the zip teeth I was able to use my regular presser foot.

As you stitch down the zip tape you will need to put your needle down, lift the foot up and pull the zip slider back, out of the way of the foot/needle as you go.

P1200708  P1200709













4. Once you have done the front, you will now need to attach the other side of the zip to the back piece of your coin purse. Make sure it is right side of the zip to right side of the outer back fabric!

This is what it should look like from the right side:

5. Now the lining – you’re going to want to turn the coin purse back again, so the wrong side is facing upwards. Then place a lining piece on top, sandwiching the zipper tape inside the outer and lining layers. You can stitch it from either side, but most people find it helpful to stitch over the original stitch line we just made attaching the zip. Do the same on both sides.

Sandwich that zip y’all!


Open it up again – here’s what it will look like when both sides are done.


6. Now fold the two linings together – right sides together. Do the same with the outer fabrics, put them together with right sides facing.


Begin sewing the purse together by starting on the right edge of the lining. Start sewing about 2 inches down from the zip seam, 1cm away from the edge. We are starting here as our opening will be on the side of the lining. This is the most subtle place to put your opening. We need an opening so we can turn our purse through! When you get to each corner, have the needle down, foot up and pivot to the next edge.


7. When you get to the zipper seam, stitch straight through it. Make sure to go slow and make sure you’re not going to hit the metal zip stops!


Once you get to the front portion of the purse, you will need to keep your stitch line following as close to the original trim stitch line as you can, or even a little over to the left. Making sure to push the trim into the inside, away from the needle as you go.

Pushing the poms to the inside.

As you get back to the other side of the purse – make sure your zipper is open about 1-2 inches. This way we can turn it through! If it is shut it will be very hard to turn it through and open the zip from the wrong side – I know, I’ve done it!


8. Once you have come back around, gone over the other side of the zipper seam, you will be close to where you started. Finish and back-tack leaving approx 3-4cm opening in the lining.


This is what it will look like:

Clip your corners so they will not have excess bulk when turned through.

9. Turn your purse through the gap we left in the lining!


Once turned through, pull the lining portion out and find your gap.


Stitch it shut as close as you can to the edge. Make sure the edges are folded in 1cm each side.



10. Finish off your purse by putting your lining back inside your purse. Push the lining corners well into the purse corners. Give the whole thing a quick press with your iron… Do not iron the zip 🙂 Voila!


I hope you have enjoyed my coin purse tutorial – drop me a line if you made one, I would love to see it! https://web.facebook.com/BettieKawaii/




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