Guildford Heritage Festival 2016


My partner and I took a step back in time today at the annual Guildford Heritage Festival! There was loads to see but it was so hot that we couldn’t stop to see everything.



Vintage cars, motorbikes, machinery & more!

….plus swing dancing and live music,


This one reminds me of a hearse… I want it!






Vintage pram and bicycle displays


Historical exhibitions featuring local WA history and many old-timey hobby demonstrations… This one in particular I just can’t remember the name of, but for some reason I couldn’t get the smile off my face! This also strongly reminds me of the quirky groups/small town traditions you see in Midsomer Murders.

Rocka-Billy’s Retro  

Rocka-Billy’s Retro …If only the sun weren’t blaring in my face I would have done this beautiful stall justice photography wise (well as far as my simple skills can take me). So many pretty things and of course the two beautiful gals running the stall!

The Velvet Fox


There were many vintage, antique and handmade stalls to peruse and buy. If I wasn’t trying to save my pennies I would have spent a fortune!


And of course, last but not least, food stalls – here is a cupcake place that I have seen around a bit lately. They specialise in Vegan baked goods, which is why I hastily trotted over in their direction!

Overall a lovely day out for all ages …and can’t wait until next year! 🙂 Leave a comment or pic if you attended today.


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