On tour: Welcome to the studio!


If you’re anything like me, you love a good old-fashioned studio tour! I love viewing other people’s creative work spaces, as it gives me inspiration to create a happy, motivational, workable space of my own. Keeping it tidy.. well that may need a little more than inspiration.

Here is a little peak into where I create my makes, ship my Etsy orders & generally make a big gigantic mess. This is also where I get my custom clients to come in and get fittings for their Cosplay or alterations/custom gowns, etc. My cutting table is usually a sh*tstorm but ….shuffle some papers around, and it could possibly just pass as ‘looking busy’. 😉


Here I’ve got my main stand/mannequin that I use. It’s a size 8-10 and it works great for draping and fitting for new designs. In the background is my teacup display cabinet with my threads on top for easy access. I have a ribbon holder made from an old frame, re-claimed wood and some dowel (thanks Ben!). To the left is a vintage looking (80s??) shelf and draws, in which I keep my trims, my paper patterns and my vintage sewing ephemera collection. Here you can also see 2 pvc vinyl cosplays I was commissioned to  do for last year’s Supanova – Harley Quinn + Ms. Marvel. Some of my ultimate faves!


Seriously, who doesn’t love knick-knacks? Trims and lace, I just can’t get enough of! I love having such a big random selection to choose from when I’m feeling creative.


Some of my teacup hoarde and some of my threads. When sewing everyday is your job, you can never have too many threads. It seems like every new job requires some obscure colour, that I really thought I had, yet was way off and then have to go out and get a new spool! It’s kind of sad how they don’t make wooden spools now, plastic ones are so boring and un-usable afterwards. They don’t even look nice 😦



This is my old-trusty, it’s an industrial Daewoo straight stitch machine. I bought it second hand from an upstairs burlesque lounge in the back room. It was used to sew burlesque and dance costumes before the seamstress moved to the UK. For a popular Perth troupe might I add! That’s right folks, my machine got swagger and street points. I’ve probably had it serviced once in the last 5 years (don’t judge me!!) and it is a life saver. It will go through layers of anything from canvas, thick velvet, denim and more. It has great speed and the handiest feature (in my opinion) – is the knee lift. When you hop back onto a domestic, you will start lurching your knee and realise you have to schlep it like the regular folk and use your hand to lift the foot up! I was professionally trained on an industrial, and they really are worth it if you are looking at making sewing your full-time job.


I must admit although my studio is on the small side, I do have a great view out into the street, with a coverage of shrubs so no one can see me peaking out! I also get to watch tiny sparrows fluttering through the branches… and sometimes even looking in at me! There is also one of my many mood-boards. This one isn’t for a range, but for general daily inspiration. It contains lots of handmade boutiques, studios and crafty vibes. They help me to visualise where I want to end up with my business and to also stay true to my handmade, small-batch ideals.


Some motivational snippets from issues of Mollie Makes and CraftSeller magazines. Plus an out-of-control calendar! This is situated just as you enter through the studio door. It is a pink, shabby wooden cabinet where I keep all my promotional and packing items, as well as a cork board of inspirational quotes and to-do’s. Plus a cute pic of my fiance` to remind me of why I want to work hard!

P1170765So as you can see, my work space is not perfect, nor well-organised, nor fancy and magazine-worthy. But it is my space. And I do the best I can with what I have right now. It has served me well and I love creating my pieces there.

From my experience a regular tidy up, a nice quick vacuum and a spot of music makes all the difference to productivity and creativity – no matter where you create, whether it be a shed, studio space or a caravan. In the future I would love for it to expand – maybe even have a studio space that is also a retail area, house more machinery and have a nice little corner with a vintage lounge… where I can do my hand sewing and design work! Hmm.. a TV and a coffee machine wouldn’t go astray either. 🙂

Thanks for taking the tour with me, it was lovely to show you around…If you are a creative or business owner, feel free to share where you create your art, craft or run your business!


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