Style board: Sayōnara Summer



Well, Australia’s Summer is officially over… and I’m not complaining! However I will dedicate this style board to the occasion. Farewell you sweaty, plant-killing mistress! Anyway, this past Summer had me re-living my youth, seeing me back into sandals + fake gold/OTT jewellery. Sandals?! Yes. I got sand in them and everything.

Sandals – Kmart $5, gold hologram vinyl or silver hologram. I got both, I had a weak moment where I thought the 90’s revival would look good on me. I’m still not sure on that… but I will continue to wear them!

Aztec style earrings and ring – Target, last season, $7 + $3. These were last season but there are hints that this look is still ‘in’ so you might get some similar on clearance right about now, but who cares, hello Autumn!

Silk chiffon head/neck scarf –, $30+. Cute, light, and a multitude of ways you can wear them. Although I don’t buy silk anymore, this was a gift, and I do love how this chiffon lets my head breathe and hides my ridiculous hair when I haven’t done it in 3 days.

Sunglasses – Pricesavers, $5 – Approved UV protection, and the tortoise-shell rims are very Retro. Thelma + Louise, anyone?

Chunky bright beaded necklace – Garage sale, $2. This thing is prettyyyy heavy, so I don’t wear it that often. But it is an awesome colour + makes me feel very ….cheery? Um, yep we’ll go with that. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to.

…Add a few messy pin-curls and some red lipstick + I will probably date you!

What was your favourite look for Summer? And for my international friends, what are you looking forward to wearing in those warmer months coming up?


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